Paladin lost in his calling


Paladin level 1: Hp 15
Name Syndrigosa Weapons-still in planning
Allignment Lawful Good Feats- Still in planning
Strength 15
Dexterity 14
Constitution 15
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 17
Charisma 16


I am new to d and d so if this is horible dont get irate just kinda hint me in a direction.

The beginning of the true Syndrigosa,
My name is Leoden, I was born in in the highest chapel of the largest holy city in the land, Named from the paladin god himself Heironeous. Only the sons of the most righteous and powerful paladins are honored and able to be born here. My father’s name was Lamaya. He was once the strongest paladin in all the city but once he defeated the dragon Madrigosa( The creation of the chaotic-evil god GRUUMSH.) He was injected with the evil spirit of GRUUMSH, The only way he could cleanse himself of this evil is to flood all the holy and unholy from his body. He lost all of his powers that day. 5 years after I was born.
My father bathed me in holy water from the moment I was born, shared untold knowledge with me. He started my life training me to be even greater than him and at the age of 5 I was more pure and had more power than most 12 year old paladins. When my father returned to the city with no power the city rejoiced that he was alive and bowed before the slayer of a god’s toy. Soon after we got news of madrigosa, He was not fully slain, He had a Drained some of my father’s pure healing powers and had recreated himself. No longer under the God’s control madrigosa was now Syndrigosa, He was much more powerful with the might and evil of the god GRUUMSH and my father’s pure healing. My father was forced to leave me in the city and to live a normal life in a town not far away. Syndrigosa sickened by my father went and destroyed the town and killed my father. I then had 1 goal in life and that was to become stronger than my father and to find and kill Syndrigosa.
My real training took off from there; I became the strongest of the young and the prodigy of old. I was becoming much stronger than my father. Many wars were taking place by the time I turned 16 the legal age to join a quest or war. I left heironeous the night of my 16th birthday and set out to get stronger and to find companions to slay the evil syndrigosa. Despite the next 5 years of seeking and telling warriors of my quest I had no one who believed that I was strong enough to even speak syndrigosa’s name. But the next year on my 22nd birthday I wondered into a Battle field unaware of the war, The halflings, orcs and undead swarmed me, I whispered Heironeous’ name and slammed my hammer into the ground and a surge of holy lighting scurried through the ground and smite the undead and paralyzed the orcs. The squad sent by the elfs to stall the orcs group saw my adept holy powers and decided to follow me to whatever destiny I wished, I was going after syndrigosa.
We fought valiantly for many years through countless dungeons and slayed a dozen dragons; we were all becoming known and feared. 13 years after I set out to find sydrigosa I was finally at his thrown, we challenged the beast, My companions fought very well but his power was too much I could holy heal them so much 2, of the 4 had died and I had 1 wizard and 1 sorcerer left on my team I told them to zap me and the dragon as I put all my force and power into 1 last swing, With that surge of power and my holiness negating his he could not heal his wounds but neither could I. my 2 companions died with their last attacks the flames and lighting filled the room and me and sydrigosa both almost dead remain, I took off my holy shield so I could move quicker to strike his head and when I got up to his face I smashed his head, but a snake descended from his mouth and it bit me filling me with his evil and the pureness of my father and the two powers destroyed each other, Leaving me very little holy powers left I was only as strong as i was when i was 16, In fact he turned me 16 again, I had slain the dragon but all the power I had was gone and I still could only taste the god GRUUMSH’s intentions and thoughts inside me, I had become the human form of SYNDRIGOSA.
I had a settler send news of the dragon and my death. I was not to be known for being alive, I no longer had purpose so I moved to the Undercity and laid low waiting for a new purpose to come along. I was now a chaotic evil paladin once pure and holy, I am the opposite of a paladin but yet still one nonetheless. I now call myself SYNDRIGOSA.
And with his Bad intentions due to the curse he must find companions that can help him find his path again, with sympathy the paladin god lets him remain a paladin but has his eye on him, for the first time a paladin is not fully Lawful and good but it is not of his own choice, Can he regain his place and pureness? Only the future can tell.


Our calling Syndrigosa